Sponsor of the Month

Las Vegas Firefighters, Local 1285

Each month the Miracle League will feature one of our great sponsors.  This month’s feature sponsor is the Las Vegas Firefighters, Local 1285.  They have supported Miracle League here in Las Vegas for the past 6 years.  Watch the video to the right to learn more about why sponsoring and being involved with Miracle League Las Vegas is important to them.

Running the calls every day, our hardest challenge, our hardest calls, are running the kids. And we see these kids that have some challenges, and to make a positive difference in their life makes a positive difference in our life, as well, because you get the gratification of helping them.

It’s very important for us as Las Vegas Firefighters, I believe, because we’ve had a 62-year partnership with Muscular Dystrophy as far as helping the kids with muscular dystrophy, and when the Miracle League first started, the team we sponsored was primarily muscular dystrophy kids, so that’s a natural tie and connection with us. And each week, they would wear the shirts with their names on the back of it, it kind of shows them that, hey, we do care about you and we’re here to help you and do what we can to make your life better.

The unique thing with Miracle League, the way their facility is set up, it’s set up with a full handicap field, so these kids with those physical and mental challenges, that they can go and experience even baseball. There’s no other way they would ever have been able to do that. They can’t go play in Little League, they can’t go play in club baseball. It’s their chance to actually experience the game and not let their disability hinder them.

I think the way that way they experience it, they don’t feel like they’re hindered, they don’t feel like they are being held back. They’re able to go out there and have a good time, have fun. Miracle League does a great job. Last year, they brought in Clayton Kershaw from the Dodgers and he pitched to the kids during their games on that one Saturday, and they wouldn’t have experienced that otherwise. So they have announcers there, they have celebrities show up, so it’s almost like a real baseball game.

Just to see the smile on the kids’ faces, and then the parents in the stands cheering their kids on and seeing their kids have a positive experience when so many things in their life are negative.