So far, our Spring 2022 Season is planned to be just like the Miracle League baseball experience you know and love.  As of August 18, 2021, the State of Nevada is automatically adopting the latest CDC guidance related to mask requirements in Clark County.  The current CDC recommendation is: You do not need to wear a mask in outdoor settings, but in areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases, the CDC says consider wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated.  So for the Miracle League of Las Vegas with our comparatively small crowds, that means optional masks, no temperature checks, and social distancing in the common areas as much as possible… You and your family should feel free to wear masks if you want to, and we have free masks and gloves available upon request.

Our players will return to the dugouts, and every player will have a volunteer or family member Buddy throughout the game.  We also plan to return to high fives, hooking arms on the Chicken Dance, grillin’ up the famous Miracle League cheeseburgers again, and re-opening the concession stand once more.

Here’s hoping the Opening Day of our 2022 Spring Season on March 26th, 2022, is everything it’s always been, and more!

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NOTE: Our original COVID-19 Safety and Preparedness Plan below (reviewed & approved by the State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry) remains on the shelf in case we have to reinstate it, because the safety of our players, families, staff and volunteers will always be our #1 priority.

In case we should need it in the future, our original

NV Sports COVID-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan

is on the shelf…

February 16, 2021:  Our COVID-19 Safety and Preparedness Plan has been reviewed & approved by the State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry.  It makes clear that safety is our #1 priority as we get ready for Opening Day of our 2021 Spring Season on April 3rd, 2021.

It will be a season like no other, but we promise to make it both fun and safe for our special Miracle League athletes, volunteers, staff and family-member buddies.  PLEASE READ THIS PAGE for details on how the Game-Day experience will change for the Spring 2021 Season!

Ballpark attendees for any one game will be limited to 50 attendees or less (Per Nevada Governor’s Directive 035, Section 5, capacity limitations at venues and events shall not include staff, workers, performers, broadcast personnel, or other personnel necessary to conduct business, perform services, or host events.).

  • Only one (1) family member or caregiver may enter the park with a player (if they pass the entrance criteria). Family Members/Caregivers must be a Buddy if one is required for their player.  No additional spectators will be allowed in order to meet the State of Nevada requirements.
  • All Coaches, Miracle League of Las Vegas Staff, Umpires and Volunteers are required to take a COVID-19 test during the month of March 2021, prior to the start of the season. The Executive Director of Miracle League of Las Vegas, Roxanne Loyed, is responsible for enforcement of this mandatory State of Nevada directive and will require the appropriate provider-validated documentation to be emailed to by March 27, 2021.
  • Face Coverings are Mandatory for Coaches, Miracle League of Las Vegas Staff, Umpires, Volunteers, Parents/Guardians and all allowed attendees and spectators, at all times, including when on the ball field during games. This mandate will be heavily emphasized in pre-season email and ZOOM conferences, as well as how to properly wear the face covering.
  • Our players will wear masks on the common grounds and in the dugouts, except as exempted under Directive 024.  They will not wear masks when actively playing on the ball field during games.
Download Our NV Sports COVID-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan

What to expect when you ARRIVE at the ballpark:

  • PLEASE, everyone wait in your cars until 20 minutes before the beginning of the games, instead of forming a group. Players and their families, Coaches and other staff, and volunteers can wait in their cars (in the large parking lot across the street from the ballpark) until it is time for check-in for the next game.
  • Everyone should enter the ballpark check-in area no sooner than 20 minutes before game times to minimize contact with exiting attendees from the previous game.
  • Go to any one of the (3) CHECK-IN TENTS to enter the ballpark (see aerial view below).  Gate Monitor MVPs at the entrance and exit gates will help facilitate screenings and the one-way traffic flow.

At the CHECK-IN Tent:

  • FIRST: Temperature checks  and COVID-19 Screening Surveys will be administered in each of (3) CHECK-IN Tents (see aerial view above). Go to any of the (3) tents to check-in.  Visual cues on the ground will mark appropriate distancing for those in line.
    • Contactless temperature screenings must be given to all players/athletes, coaches, umpires, Miracle League staff and volunteers, and for all family-member Buddies and attendees.  Six (6) Check-In MVPs will administer touchless thermometer temperature checks to everyone prior to entering the ballpark. If temperature surpasses 100.4, the individual will be advised that entrance to the ballpark is prohibited, and the individual (and all who traveled with the individual) will be escorted to the Isolation Area where they can wait for a ride if necessary.  Check-In MVPs will be trained on these procedures, and an If Experiencing Symptoms sign will also be posted at the Check-In Tents.
    • The touchless thermometers will be thoroughly disinfected between each temperature check. 
  • SECOND: Everyone entering the ballpark will be required to respond to the following COVID-19 screening-survey questions upon arrival and check-in:
  • THIRD: Sign-in and get your name tag, as concrete evidence of who was at the park and when, maintained by assigned Contact Tracer MVPs.  We will use the Nevada COVID Trace app to collaborate and assist Local Health Authorities with contact tracing in the event of illness of a player, coach, umpire, Miracle League of Las Vegas staff and/or volunteers.  Our Miracle League families are encouraged to use the app as well.

Where to go when you clear the CHECK-IN Tent and ENTER the ballpark:

  • Family Member/Caregiver Buddies: Escort your player to a seat on the Bleachers (Coaches will be there), then seat yourself in the SPECTATOR AREA, in the concreted area behind the announcer table. Twenty (20) chairs maximum will be placed for Family Member/Caregiver Buddies at least 6’ apart and marked with visual ground cues to ensure that spacing is maintained throughout each game.  (2) Social Distancing MVPs will be responsible for making sure that spectators are not grouping together during game time, including at restrooms, concession stand and other ballpark common areas, in addition to the spectator seating area.
  • Players: Go to the BLEACHERS; your Coaches will meet you there.  Visiting Team sits in the 3rd base bleachers, Home Heam in the 1st base bleachers.  Stands are marked for appropriate places to sit (following social distance guidelines).
  • Players: Your Family Member Buddy/Caregiver will escort you to the BLEACHERS; your Coaches will meet you there.  Visiting Team sits in the 3rd base bleachers, Home Heam in the 1st base bleachers.  Stands are marked for appropriate places to sit (following social distance guidelines).  Not to worry, your Family Member/Caregiver Buddy will be sitting right behind you in the Spectator Area!

What will the games be like?

Just like always, every player bats, every player circles the bases, and every player scores each inning (last one up gets a Home Run).  Every player is introduced (nicknames encouraged!) by the game-day announcer, who calls the play-by-play action for the families and spectators.  Players have the option to have their own “walk-up” music play during their at-bat, and our players’ pictures and nicknames will be displayed on our new LED scoreboard as they come to the plate to bat.  This year, we’ll add live video of the batter to the scoreboard for the first time.  And, everyone at the field (fans, too!) will still do the world-famous Miracle League of Las Vegas Chicken Dance between innings!  But please, no touching during the ’spinning’ portion of the chicken dance; add your own creative moves there!

How will things be different?

  • ONLY FOUR PLAYERS in the dugouts per the batting order (on-deck, in-the-hole batters, etc.), seated six feet apart on the dugout bench. Coaches will escort players between the bleachers, dugout and the field as appropriate.  Bleacher MVPs (two (2) per game; 1st base & 3rd base bleachers) will seat players at the bleachers and clean/disinfect bleachers after each game.
  • Teams will be limited to 15 players or less under these guidelines.
  • Players and Buddies in the field must maintain social distancing; our ball field will be marked for appropriate placement of fielders.
  • If a player must have personal assistance during the game and has no family member and/or caregiver present as their assigned Buddy, then a Buddy volunteer will be assigned to the player from the On-Field MVP pool.
  • Umpires and On-Field MVPs will wear gloves to protect during “spontaneous” high-fives. On-Field MVPs will monitor and prohibit all unnecessary physical contact during games.
  • All participants will do the Chicken Dance between innings, emphasizing no touching during the ’spinning’ portion of the chicken dance. On-Field MVPs will monitor and prohibit all contact during the Chicken Dance.

Once the game ends, PLEASE Exit the Ballpark!

  • No post-game handshake lines, but there will be a post-game raffle after each game as usual.
  • Players and families, and all other spectators must leave the park immediately after their game ends and the raffle prize is awarded. No lingering within the ballpark will be allowed; Buddy Volunteers and assigned MVP Volunteers for the immediate next game are allowed in the park between games to clean and disinfect per this plan.  Anyone waiting for an RTC bus or a ride must wait outside the ballpark gates and maintain social distancing.
  • Go out through the breezeway towards the 1st Christian Church playground (the gates between the Garage and the Concession Stand). ONE WAY traffic flow signs detailing the clear path for exiting our facility will be installed per the diagram below.  Gate Monitor MVPs will help everyone to exit the ballpark immediately upon completion of each game.
  • The Game-Day Announcer will remind participants to pick up their own trash at the conclusion of every game (we’ve always done this).
  • There will be a 30-minute break between a game’s finish and the start of the next game for ballpark sanitization.
Download Our NV Sports COVID-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan