Our Games

The mission of the Miracle League of Las Vegas is to provide children and adults with cognitive and/or physical challenges in the greater Las Vegas community the opportunity to play baseball in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our games are played with soft, foam balls and foam or plastic bats, on a soft, spongy playing surface, allowing special needs individuals to enjoy physical and mental stimulation, and build greater self-esteem.   We even have misters in the dugouts, for when it gets a bit warm out there.  The Miracle League of Las Vegas gives players a sense of team pride and inclusion just like their able-bodied peers that play the game of baseball. Many players in our program have shown improved dexterity, mobility, and verbal and social skills.  And after all, everyone deserves a chance to play baseball…


Games are 2 innings and last approximately 1 hour; every player bats, every player circles the bases, and every player scores each inning (last one up gets a Home Run).  Every player is introduced (nicknames encouraged!) by the game-day announcer, who calls the play-by-play action for the families and spectators.  Players have the option to have their own “walk-up” music play during their at-bat, too.  Everyone at the field (fans, too!) does the world-famous Miracle League of Las Vegas Chicken Dance between innings!  Games end in a tie score, so each team wins. Teams are named for Major League Baseball teams, and every player receives a new uniform shirt and new ball cap in team colors and logo every season.


Family members, and community youth and adult volunteers serve as “Buddies” to assist the players throughout the games.  Las Vegas entertainers, sports celebrities and costumed-characters are frequent participants in the games, which are truly family-friendly experiences and often a welcome respite for our Miracle League families from the demands of everyday care-giving responsibilities.  One of our players, Jeremiah, said it best: “I love playing baseball and ask my Mom nearly every day if today is Miracle League.”