Miracle League’s Teen Ambassadors

Love Miracle League and our amazing athletes? 

Want to help spread the word? 

Become a Miracle League of Las Vegas Ambassador!

Our Teen Ambassadors can be easily recognized at the ballpark as the high-energy volunteers wearing yellow shirts. This is an exceptional and dedicated group of teenagers with the following mission:

To promote both the opportunity of Miracle League of Las Vegas, and inclusion within the community. To lead by example as encouraging and dedicated individuals on the baseball field and beyond. To help raise funds, raise awareness and create increased activity opportunities for the program and surrounding special needs community.

Teen Ambassadors must have previous experience as a Miracle League buddy and be currently volunteering at least once a week.  For more information about the Teen Ambassador program, track down Board Member/Game-Day Announcer Jeff Arnold at the ball park or email him at jeff@jeffreywarnold.com.

Miracle League of Las Vegas Teen Ambassador Criteria:

Outgoing and personable with everyone at the ball park

Display honesty, integrity, and professionalism

Genuine heartfelt interest in participating in and promoting Miracle League and its values

At least 50 hours of volunteering at Miracle League events (cumulative)

Criteria to Maintain Ambassador status:

Speak to groups of peers** to recruit Buddy volunteers and players consistent with the Teen Ambassador program mission.

30 volunteer hours at Miracle League per year (not including peer chats)

Consistent and genuine effort to build rapport with players

** Schools, club teams, church groups, community events, etc.

How Ambassadors are Recognized:

– They wear Miracle League logo attire at all Miracle League events so that people can easily identify them for any questions

– Miracle League awards the Spirit Shop item-of-choice to Ambassadors upon acceptance to the Teen Ambassadors program; they’ve earned it!

Founding Teen Ambassadors

Emerson “EJ” Arnold

Class of 2018 – WCTA

Congratulations and THANKS to our very first Miracle League Ambassador, EJ Arnold! EJ helped put the Ambassador Program together, and has made several promotional appearances on behalf of Miracle League. He has always been a Miracle League Buddy for the past few years, but in Spring 2017, he took on added responsibility as one of the team coaches for the Yankees.

Way to go, Coach EJ!!!

John Howard Bobo

Class of 2020 – Basic HS

John Howard Bobo, or as he is known to his baseball coaches and teammates, Bobo #99, is a 15-year old freshman at Basic Academy who has been volunteering in the Buddy program since he was 12 years old.  For the last (8) seasons, he has been proud to work hard and earn the money ($750/season) to personally sponsor the amazing athletes of the Miracle League Cardinals team.

Way to go, Bobo #99!