There is a baseball league right here in Las Vegas focused on allowing kids with disabilities to hit the fields and News 3

Kendall Nunley introduces us to the Miracle League of Las Vegas

From fast pigeons to batting at full swing the bases
would loaded this weekend at the Miracle League of Las
Vegas baseball field. Basically, I am the the home run
leader of my group heavy hitter Colby Hermann is one of
the league’s players. Here, Colby is able to just play
baseball at his own pace.

I got a lot of friends before I knew about this. I was
playing regular baseball. Hardball,

Which do you like better?
This one
Because it’s soft and there’s no cannas no nothing No

Since 2009 the Miracle League of Las Vegas has allowed
kids and adults with cognitive and physical challenges
to play ball on a field that’s been fitted for any

We started with 60 players and now I have 225.

The organization’s executive director Roxanne Lloyd adds
the impact here goes beyond the league’s players. Each
of per teams are paired up with a baseball program from
one of our local high schools and week after week.

These kids teens and adults come together to socialize
alright Let’s go Colby exercise and dance.

Here It’s all about community, about eight to 10 parents
drive all the way from promp an hour here. To play an
hour of baseball and an hour home. So you know we feel
like we have a fabulous organization and we take a lot
of pride in it.

The nonprofit organization hosts 2 eight week seasons of
baseball and has recently added soccer also on a
disability friendly field showing that with a little
effort and a lot of heart everyone has the chance to
play ball. Ofcourse because we’re one big giant happy
family in Las Vegas Kendall Nunley News 3.